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Homemade Skin Care
Ingredient Commitment


The company is not classified as 'organic', as the laws governing this classification are at the least mis-leading and confusing.  It costs a company around $25,000 dollars to be classed as organic, but unfortunately the laws governing this classification are also mis-leading.  For a product to be classed organic, it needs to have the first eight ingredients to be organically derived, but this is where it gets mis-leading....the next eight, ten, or however many ingredients you have in your product, can be chemically derived.  This essentially renders your 'organic' product 'chemically produced'.  Ingredients on the bottle are always listed in the greatest percentages, starting from the top...this is why you see water, sulfates and other chemicals are at the top as the biggest percentage of product, and the actives, or beneficial ingredients, are almost always at the bottom of the list, with the least amount of percentage in the product.  Unfortunately most consumers are unaware of what they are putting on their skin.

All of our ingredients are naturally derived and are made from natural raw food sources.  (We like to see what we are getting).  We strive to create products without chemicals, parabens, synthetic preservatives and unnecessary fillers.  Most of our products contain less than eight ingredients, and are all active ingredients. 

Our preservatives are also naturally derived, therefore our shelf life is shorter than store bought products, but we believe better for you and the environment in the long run.  Our products are lovingly handmade in smaller batches, for optimum quality.  Most products are no more than two weeks old, before being sold on to the consumer.

Company Incentive


DSG Naturals was started because we were disenchanted with the lack of natural products available and most of all the outrageous prices being charged for the 'natural or organic' products that were available at the time.  We believe everyone should have access to `all natural` products with natural ingredients at an affordable price.

Extra Information

We currently use plastic packaging for ease of use, and postage, (glass is not viable), but most of our containers are made from recycled plastic and we are always on the lookout for more environmentally friendly packaging ideas, that are also economical for our customers. We have recently introduced refill packs for our Hair Cleansers to save on plastic waste and save our customers a few dollars as well.  We will also be introducing refill packs for the body moisturiser and our popular spray tan is also in refill packs.  

We encourage and appreciate any feedback from our customers, and love hearing any suggestions and ideas that will improve our product range and company.  

We appreciate all of our customers and are continuously aiming to expand our product line, while retaining a high quality and affordable natural range. 

Please don`t hesitate to contact us with any questions, suggestions, or queries, and we will do our best to follow up promptly.

From the Team at DSG Naturals.