Do you want hair that shines and feels like silk? 

Put your tired dry and frizzy tresses to sleep with this 100% oil free serum. 

DSG Cationic Serum gives 100% Moisturisation and 100% protection from heat, humidity and heat styling tools.

Cationic Hair Serum

SKU: 0012
  • DSG Cationic Hair Serum contains no oils, which is the secret to great looking healthy hair! Ninety percent of people nowadays use some type of heat styling tool and are frying their hair!

    99% of store bought hair "after care "products contain oil, and as soon as the heating tool comes into contact with the hair, it is FRIED! It is the same concept as frying a steak on a hot barbecue with oil....the outside is charred!

    This serum is 100% quality silicones, so your hair doesn't smoke when a hot iron comes in contact and the after feel is that of silk.

    Silicone is both a barrier and a hair moisturiser, so it stops colour fade from the sun, and gives a luxurious feel.

    Benefits noticed immediately are:

    • Instant softness, shine and silky feel without the 'weighed down' and oily residue left by oil based products.
    • Hair grows longer quicker,(prevents the ends from splitting).
    • 80% more shine.
    • Reduces colour fade
    • Reduces 'hair straightening time by 50%
    • Can be applied to wet or dry hair.


    Bottle contains 30mls.

    DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Squeeze a small amount from the wand onto your hand and then massage thoroughly through damp hair, or apply to dry frizzy hair for instant relief, making sure to work through the ends.

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    A 100% refund or replacement will be provided to any customer that is not completely satisfied.