No need to get yourself into a sweat anymore applying your Fake Tan....this is easy, affordable, natural and mistake free!
The beginners pack includes a high quality Velvet Mitt, the GOO Spray Tanning Bottle, and the 250ml Refill Pack. 
Keep the attractive Tanning Bottle and just purchase a Refill Pack for future orders....this helps the Environment by cutting down on Plastic Bottles, and saves you money!
GOO Tanning Spray is an all natural plant based spray with no nasty chemicals, bad after smells, or harsh preservatives or chemicals.  We use a high quality tanning agent (dihydroxyacteone), which is approved by the FDA, and is natural and long wearing.  We also use Eco-cert approved Preservatives, and we don't use perfumes, but instead use cosmetic grade oils.
If you have sensitive skin, or are of male gender and prefer unscented, you can request your Tanner to be 'fragrance free', in the message box with your order.  
Instructions - Shake Bottle well before use (we don't use fillers).  Exfoliate area before applying to clean dry skin.  Spray one spray onto mitt at a time , moving the bottle in a circular motion to cover the whole mitt (this stops the tanner being heavily loaded in one spot on the mitt). Wipe over your body in sections, ensuring to make sure you rub in well to get an even coverage. Example: Average of 8 sprays to do the whole body. Change the mitt to the other hand to do the opposite side of the body.  Wait at least 2 mins before dressing. Once your desired colour is achieved, alternate tanner with body moisturiser every other day.  Make sure to exfoliate twice a week....this will keep your tanner looking fresh without the 'tanning build up' and patchiness.  Takes 6-8 hrs to develop. If you find you have streaked, just fill in the need to remove the's 'mistake free'. 
Handy Hint:  If your Spray bottle gets clogged, separate the lid and bottle. unclip and remove top part, remove clear plastic tubing, submerge in warm water and dishwashing liquid for at least 2 mins, then re-assemble. Spray warm water through the pump before re-attaching to the bottle.
This is safe to travel with on a plane.  Just seal the Spray bottle at the nozzle with sellotape, and also where the top and bottle join, or keep your empty refill pack and transfer accordingly.

Moisturising Tanning Spray Kit and Velvet Tanning Mitt

SKU: 0006
  • The retail market today produces self tanning products that are sub-standard! The ingredients they use are not only harmful, but can cause severe skin irritations. Not only that, there is also a distinctive 'after tan' smell that puts people off.


    Now you can have your tan and like it too!


    The benefits from DSG Natural Moisturising Tanner are:


    • No nasty 'self tanner' smell
    • Made from natural ingredients and high quality dha.
    • Quick application and no streaks
    • 2 minute drying time
    • A natural and gradual tan
    • Minimised tan build up which requires little exfoliation
  • We stand by our products 100% so if for any reason you are not completely satisfied, drop us a line and we will do our best to rectify any problems. 


    A 100% refund or replacement will be provided to any customer that is not completely satisfied. 

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